Samer Kilani

Photo: Samer

Me and my Work: Working on building the new ATLAS Detector on the LHC

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Gary Boorman

Photo: Gary

Me and my Work: I work in the field of Accelerator Diagnostics – using advanced detectors to monitor and control particle beams.

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Dan Weatherill

Photo: Dan

Me and my Work: I help design and test imaging detectors (cameras) used in space missions and particle physics experiments

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Ben Drumm

Photo: Ben

Me and my Work: As a Mechanical Engineer I take scientific concepts for particle accelerator equipment and engineer them into real working objects.

Status: Thanks to those who voted, brilliant 2 weeks as far as I'm concerned - bye students!

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Amanda Lewin

Photo: Amanda

Me and my Work: I’m an electrical engineer designing fire detection and alarm systems.

Status: Today's chats have been really good. Thanks everyone who took part!

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