• Question: How do you feel about the workload in the engineering department on your present or previous job?

    Asked by 09flanaganb to Amanda, Ben, Dan, Gary, Samer on 18 Jun 2013.
    • Photo: Ben Drumm

      Ben Drumm answered on 18 Jun 2013:

      My workload at the moment is pretty full on – I have 4 main projects I’m involved in with lots to do on each of them, plus some ‘extra curricular’ stuff (I’m an engineer for example!). That said whilst I might be busy at work, I still get in/leave at a normal time, so it’s not like I’m working all hours of the day!

      It’s good to be busy though, nothing worse than finding yourself at a loose end and scraping round for work to do!

    • Photo: Gary Boorman

      Gary Boorman answered on 18 Jun 2013:

      There is always just slightly too much work to do. I have to be good at organising my time, so that projects get finished on time. When projects get behind schedule, or the goals of the project change once a lot of work has been done, that can mean working extra hours to get it finished. I do take time off to compensate for this 🙂

    • Photo: Amanda Lewin

      Amanda Lewin answered on 18 Jun 2013:

      I’m having a few long days at the moment due to having to travel. I’m based in Manchester but one of my jobs is in Bristol so that’s a 6 hour return journey! A bit of travel can be fun but too much is tiring.

      I like it best when there is lots to do, as long as it isn’t more than I can get done between 9am-5pm. It can be quite boring when there isn’t much work to do.

      Time management is really important and I’ve worked in some places where due to bad time management people have had to work long hours, this shouldn’t be the case though.